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bolts Commitment to Quality bolts
  • In business since 1999
  • Multiple Structural Steel Detailers with over 20 years experience each.
  • Checking Procedures in place
    • Membership demands a commitment to Quality
    • Access to AISC support, documents and courses
  • High End Modeling Software:
    • SDS/2 3-D modeling - Design Data is continuously working to improve their product. They gather feedback from detailers, fabricators and erectors to ensure that their product is capable of handling even the most complicated connections
    • Functional 3D pictures of all projects. Assists the shop and field crew in visualizing the final outcome
    • Improved speed and accuracy
    • Connections can be either system generated or manually designed
    • Field and Office can utilize SDS/2 Free Ipad App. Keep up to date on model changes or check member data.
  • Multiple Detailers with Hand Detailing Experience:
    • A skill that is extremely rare in today's world of computer generated detailers.
    • Critical in understanding how consistency translates to efficient fabrication and ultimately to seamless erecting.
    • Knowledge of the finer details of detailing. Helping to alleviate both shop and erection errors by standardizing connections, adding notes to clarify potentially confusing situations and ensuring that details are clear and concise.
  • Detail drawing standards - created or customized to suit existing company standards
bolts Communication bolts
The erection crew, fabricator, designer and detailer must be able to relay important information, with speed and accuracy. High speed internet, email, ftp sites, 3D modelling software, digital cameras, scanners, cell phones, and even fax machines, make the physical miles virtually disappear.
Successful communication takes more than technology.
    As a Detailer
  • Review all working drawings, check for conflicting or missing information, RFI ASAP.
  • Know when to ask questions.
  • Alert the fabricator to posible conflicts and note areas that should be verified.
  • Implement work-arounds when circumstances arise.
  • Know the Contractor, the crew and what their positions are. Know who to contact.
  • Allow time to check over all details.
    As a Contractor
  • Whenever possible, allow adequate time to do the job and inform of upcoming projects.
  • Relay possitive and negative feedback on any detailing issues.
  • Ensure that the detailer has been given current revisions of all working drawings.
  • Keep the detailer in the loop. The drawings produced will be the foundation for the project and should be advised immediately of addemdums, interferences or delay's.
  • Pass on revisions promptly and warn of possible areas that may be revised.
  • Layout a schedule for any time-critical areas.
bolts Reliability bolts

On-Time, high quality, checked detail drawings are what is expected and all detailing companies promise it, but very few will actually deliver

Using the cheapest detailer can be an expensive mistake


  • An informed decision will reduce some of the risk involved in trying out a new detailing company:
    • Check out examples of our work - this is not a guarantee, but will definitely give an initial indication of overall competence and customer satisfaction.
    • Start with a small or partial contract. Preferably not a time critical one. Be mindful that there are learning curves with each new customer as we learn your standards and preferences. This will help the detailer know what is expected and gives an indication of the level of quality that can be expected from the detailer.
    • Check contracts using your in-house checker to ensure that the detailing is accurate and meets your satisfaction.



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